Why shoud I buy RGX-livetools ?

17 Feb. 2020
  • Each product passes tests for heating, vibrations, noise level and tightness on a special test bench.
  • Each part which will fit your CNC lathe turret passed a stringent final checking by measuring of dimensional and functional parameters.
  • Noise level is reduced because cyclo-palloid gears wheels has a carefully machining, a controlled heat treatment and a final lapping operation.
  • Final Quality Control is performed on proper measuring devices and it is assured a documented measuring protocol for each Live Tool Holder, performed on a 3D measuring machine.
  • Proper product packing ensures a safe transport to your destination.
  • Each bought product is accomplished by a Quality and Conformity Certificate and a Producer Warranty of 12 months.
  • Repair and/or maintenance after warranty are ensured as well by RG-Tools GmbH and our service partners.
All components are machined in close tolerances to support every customer for machining of very precise parts on CNC lathes.

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